ATM JOB “Where The Effort Meets Kindness”

ATM JOB “Where The Effort Meets Kindness”

ATM JOB “Where The Effort Meets Kindness”

ATM JOB’s story

Mission of ATM JOB

The first group is for disadvantaged people who need a job that is wholesome, credible and suitable for their capability to help them improve their well-being and take care of people they have responsibilities for.

The second group is for the youth and college students who are going to enter the ‘real world’ and need direction for career path, improvement in the capabilities to quickly create competitive advantages to be able to meet employers’ criteria.

Besides, ATM JOB also aim to connect the employers and job seekers together, provide  manage employment relations administration solutions for companies in Vietnam. Our mission and vision are to help companies to approach the skilled and efficient workforce in Vietnam in an optimal and trusted way.

Finally, ATM JOB wants to make a significant contribution to the improvement of the business environment and culture where both employers and employees comply with the laws, code of conduct in business and support each other. ATM JOB is the platform designed to create new beginning for employees and the goodness from  businesses community.

ATM JOB “Where The Effort Meets Kindness”

ATM JOB “Where The Effort Meets Kindness”

What ATM JOB does

  • We record job demands and help to qualify the required documents job seekers need, improve the skills and capabilities, provide intensive training courses and help them optimally connect with the employers.
  • We record employment demands from the employers to assist them in standardizing job descriptions and employment criteria, consulting payroll policies and labor costs to effectively connect the companies to the workforce.
  • We ensure the employers’ compliance procedures, legality and credibility.
  • We also check and review job seekers’ work history and personal reliability.

From all elements mentioned above, we support the connection between employers and job seekers establish labor relations. We manage the implementation of labor relations adhering to local laws and equality which satisfies the involved parties.

Compliance principals

  • ATM JOB’s scope of works is not employment resource services, so we absolutely do not charge any fee from the companies and the job seekers.
  • We do not support or allow the workforce and the employers to disrespect labor laws and regulations or standard behavior manners found within businesses.

Participation processes

For jobseekers: Register as a job-seeking member and you will be involved in

  • Providing labor documents.
  • Receiving consultation in the qualification of personal profile and other related documents.
  • Receiving support to apply for compatible jobs.

For companies and other groups: Register as an employer member and you will be involved in

  • Providing the company profile.
  • Providing employment demand.
  • Receiving consultation in the standardization of job description, payroll policies for the employees.
  • Choosing the best-qualified candidates and establishing the labor relations.
ATM Job - Participation processes

ATM Job – Participation processes

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