Labor Relations Management – Exclusive Notices For CEO

Labor Relations Management 2019 - Exclusive Notices For CEO

Labor Relations Management – Exclusive Notices For CEO

(Last Updated On: March 30, 2021)

Labor relations are the relationships of rights and obligations between individuals or groups of employees and the employer. Labor relations management is not only the management of wages and policies for employees but also the management of compliance procedures for the government.

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  • Two-way relationship between enterprise and employees.
  • Complying procedures in labor relations and compulsory insurances.
  • Managing tax obligations and costs related to salary.
  • Integrating with business culture – personnel policies – manage employment relations policies – business results – knowledge and business resources.
  • Managing the system of records – data – information on labor relations as a valuable asset.


Relationship between enterprise and employees

  1. Types of labor contracts, Offer Letter, Announcement Letter / Income Verification Letter… in order to establish labor relations, commitments to avoid conflict of interests, unfair competition…
  2. Employee profile system, employee data to meet compliance procedures and foundation for competence analysis.
  3. Calculating salary and bonus at the end of 2020 and deploying plan for 2020 such as collecting standard data on all employees and assessing current competence and position. Collecting and evaluating work results and work attitudes in 2020. Proposing bonuses and additional salaries for Interviewing and proposing career path, personal income in 2020, directing employee’s development and suggesting long-term engagement and commitment with potential employees. Processing payroll, bonus according to standard form, then print and submit to the Director for approval and send it to each envelope enclosed with the Director’s New Year greetings. Processing letter of position, career goals, salary and benefits in 2020, then print and submit to the Director for approval and send to each employee.
  4. Re-sign labor contract, make an appendix of the contract for 2020 according to the scope of work – new income structure.

Complying procedures in labor relations management and compulsory insurances

  1. Completing the set of salary vouchers – wage expenses – deductions from the monthly salary, etc. Balancing and optimizing salary deductions.
  2. Checking the completeness – accuracy of each labor report – insurances – Personal Income Tax.
  3. Analysis of total salary fund – Salary deductions – Personal Income Tax expenses, compare the situation of payment to employees and payables to the Government Agency.

Managing tax obligations and costs related to salary

  1. Classifying and completing the PIT finalization dossier for employees who are authorized to settle at the enterprise.
  2. Classifying and issuing of tax withholding – income verification letter for non-authorized employees.
  3. Collecting Income Confirmation Letter from Parent Company for expats.
  4. Reviewing and estimating the incurred PIT expenses, the 2020 tax finalization procedure for businesses, and each employee.
  5. Reviewing salary structure by revenue structure and current regulations on corporate income tax.

Integrating with business culture – personnel policies – manage employment relations policies – business results – knowledge and business resources

  1. Re-evaluating the organization chart, operational process.
  2. Re-evaluating regulations on organization and administration.
  3. Re-evaluating job description chart system.
  4. Re-evaluating the system of regulations and policies on wage labor, including internal labor regulations – labor discipline, salary and benefits policies, recruitment, training – development and exploitation manage employment relations Updating, anticipating and controlling the additional costs related to labor and wage regulations.
  5. Salary fund, management of salary costs and deductions.
  6. Optimally complying with labor relations according to current laws and regulations.
  7. Information privacy policy, anti-conflict of interest, and code of conduct…
  8. Business culture.

Managing the system of records – data – information on labor relations management as a valuable asset

  1. Establish a list of personnel records that must be archived.
  2. Organizing the storage of all the above documents, including saving the original files and scanning files to ensure the availability and explanation of all requests from the government agencies, and internal management.
  3. Setting up and maintaining the system of forms to manage labor relations from 2020.
  4. Internal audit, assessment of completeness and legality.
  5. Managing the handover – exploitation – using according to ISO standard process and Kaizen 5S.


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