Handbook “Manage Compliance Procedures of a Representative Office in Vietnam” 2019

Foreign representative office 2019 in Vietnam handbook

Handbook “Manage Compliance Procedures of a Representative Office in Vietnam” 2019

Foreign representative office 2019 in Vietnam handbook

Foreign representative office 2019 in Vietnam handbook



Vietnam-based representative office of a foreign investor means a dependent unit, a lawful office in Vietnam, allowed to recruit staff to manage and promote sale contracts with local business partners, research and develop products, seeking opportunities for the purchase or sale of goods and provision of services…


Although a representative office can enhance and support business development for the parent company, easy to manage and able to keep investor away from many potential risks of violating local compliance procedures: no add valued tax, no corporate income tax, no accounting books, no financial statement, no independent audit required… but, in fact, there are many representative offices have endured serious fines due to misconduct of compliance procedures.


Vietnam joined the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2007, since there, thousands of foreign investors have been investing in Vietnam in form of foreign representative office as a probatory step. Despite many advantages, representative office is no longer meet the business expectation of the investors and shall be transformed into subsidiary company.


Continue with the handbook of “Foreign Representative Office in Vietnam – What you need to know 2018”, we would like to share more our knowhow and practical experiences in compliance procedures for a foreign representative office in Vietnam according to local business regulations and culture.


The “Handbook for representative office 2019” is presented in main ideas:

  • Establishment / Registration representative office
  • Compliance procedures during the operation
  • Rights, obligations and compliance requirements of the Chief
  • Compliance procedures for expatriates who are working in Vietnam
  • Dissolution of representative office
  • Representative office and subsidiary – advantages and disadvantages?
  • Transform representative office into a subsidiary / 100% FDI company


We hope this handbook can bring useful information that you can identify, prevent the risks and do the right things in the first time. And we also hope, if it helps, you can share this handbook for your friends or the investors from your home country who are coming to Vietnam.


Our handbook representative office 2019 is completely free as our thanks to the business community who has been supporting us for more than 10 years. We are very appreciated if you can send some feedbacks that help our next edition become more interesting and more useful for your business.



representative office 2019 in vietnam handbook so tay van phong dai dien nuoc ngoai



Là nhà tư vấn doanh nghiệp về các thủ tục tuân thủ trong kinh doanh tại Việt Nam từ trước năm 2006, Viva cung cấp dịch vụ độc quyền theo cách tích hợp, hài hoà đồng thời cả 05 nền tảng chuyên sâu gồm Luật kinh doanh -  Kế toán tài chính - Quản lý thuế - Quản trị quan hệ lao  động - Thủ tục hành chính trong kinh doanh cùng với  sự kế thừa kinh nghiệm tổng cộng lên đến hằng trăm năm cho mỗi công việc.

Kiến thức chuyên môn sâu rộng và năng lực quản trị kết nối các nguồn lực địa phương giúp chúng tôi luôn sẵn sàng cung cấp các giải pháp chuyên môn đặc biệt, vượt lên các giới hạn thông thường và mong đợi của khách hàng.

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