Tax Compliance Procedures For Year-End | Exclusive Notices For CEO

Tax compliance procedures end year 2020

Tax Compliance Procedures For Year-End | Exclusive Notices For CEO

Any businesses in Vietnam should properly manage the tax compliance procedures and reports.


  1. Value Added Tax (VAT).
  2. Corporate Income Tax (CIT).
  3. Personal Income Tax (PIT).
  4. Foreign Contractor Tax (FCT).
  5. Import and export duties.
  6. Excise tax.
  7. License tax.
  8. Cases of incentives, exemptions and related documents.
  9. Profits sharing procedure – withdrawing profits and capital investment tax.
  10. Anti price transferring and related transactions.


Managing submitted compliance reports & year-end settlement reports

  1. Collecting and storing the business records and the tax compliance reports required to be submitted monthly – quarterly – annually for each tax.
  2. Reviewing for completeness and accuracy of the records and reports.
  3. Reviewing figures structure and rationality with business practices and compliance requirements.
  4. Actively adjusting – supplement – overcoming shortcomings.
  5. Reviewing financial statements and business results.
  6. Approving and closing the accounting documents system.
  7. Internal auditing and reviewing revenue – cost structure – compliance procedures.
  8. Closing – procedures for reconciling receivable and payable accounts, assets and inventories…
  9. Independent audit of financial statements.

Managing payable taxes and comparing tax obligations with the tax authority

  1. Summarizing taxes list incurred.
  2. Summarizing list and tax payment documents.
  3. Comparing and finalizing tax obligations, the balance of each tax.
  4. Estimating and planning for amounts arising in the year. Make sure the taxes you pay are accurate and optimal.

Managing the storage of records – vouchers to prove for the data and reports

  1. Lists of original required business records that must be gathered and archived.
  2. Collecting documents and vouchers according to each tax requirement.
  3. Checking the completeness.
  4. Checking the validity and legality.
  5. Numbering, locking and scanning records on computer.
  6. Storing for management purposes, ensuring that the system of archives meets all inspection – settlement requirements from the competent state agencies.

Setting up tax plan – managing tax costs

  1. Analysis of arising taxes.
  2. Analysis of tax obligations and tax assets, tax costs.
  3. Planning the management of exemptions.
  4. Planning the process of tax management arising monthly – quarterly – annually.

Managing other tax compliance procedures

  1. Electronic signature procedure.
  2. Electronic invoice procedure.
  3. Announcing and issuing of VAT invoice.
  4. Profile of anti-transfer pricing – associated transactions.
  5. Tax inspection – tax finalization plan.
  6. Certificate of tax obligation completion.


  • VIVA BCS has been operating since 2006 on an intensive platform of corporate finance and auditing. We provide a system of consulting services and implement business compliance procedures as per the request of competent authorities and tailor-made internal management policies.
  • VIVA’s services directly support CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Business Managers based on 05 basic principles of business administration, including: Business Law – Financial Accounting and Taxation – Manage employment relations – Business Finance – Administrative Management.
  • Expertise ability – well-trained ability – cost-effectiveness of business in each task which you delegate to VIVA are all that VIVA is aiming and maintaining optimally. VIVA provides our clients tailored solutions, in the most practical manner, beyond the limitationsWe also create resources and inspire business development for thousands of domestic and foreign entrepreneurs as well.
  • Working as a professional company, VIVA’s responsibility is that all our clients have to do is just let VIVA know your target and approve the final results, as the way we have reached thousands of clients’ trust since the early 2000s.
  • At VIVA, we take client’s appreciation and trust as top priorities, considering that material values are only the outcome and reward for the contributions we have made.


VIVA has been an in-depth consultant on business compliance procedures in Vietnam since 2006, based on our professional - integrated background in Business laws - Accounting and corporate finance - Tax management - Labor relation and payroll – Business administration procedures. VIVA offers exclusive services in an integrated tailor-made, consist of 5 specialized-expertise platforms and the inheritance experience up to hundreds of years for every job.

Our extensive expertise and management system that facilitates us to connect local resources and be ready to deliver exclusive solutions that exceed all standard limits and satisfy all expectations of our clients.


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