Audit – Tax – Accounting

Audit – Tax – Accounting

In an increasingly complex global marketplace and regulatory environment, we are helping clients to achieve financial stability which is essential to any organisation as it relates to audits, accounting activities, and tax planning. Furthermore, we believe your business is unique and it deserves tailored audit, accounting and tax strategies to overcome financial challenges, minimise risks of non compliance, and seize opportunities in Vietnam market.

Your Increasing Demands:

  • You look for an experienced partner to work on your behalf to manage tax compliance and handle financial report system with the local state agencies
  • You need a reliable audit provider to avoid conflict of interest and confidentiality.
  • As a FDI company, you would appreciate support from local experts possessing international experience to handle local taxation, regulatory and management system.
  • You want to reduce the cost of setting up an internal accounting department and system, keep your firm away from risks and focus on core business development
  • You seek for a comprehensive financial outsourcing service package that accurately reflect the value of service fee.

Our Solutions:



  • Financial statement audit
  • Preparation of compliance reports
  • Internal control system review or audit
  • Financial Due Diligence for M&A
  • Risk Monitoring



  • Tax compliance,ruling and appeal
  • Finalisation of Personal Income Tax and Corporate Income Tax
  • Representation at tax audit, reporting,
  • Assistance in claiming tax refunds/offsets
  • Regular tax reviews to control risk
  • VAT invoice customisation and registration/notification



  • Consultation on setup of accounting system
  • Business record management
  • Financial reports under VAS/IFRS
  • Financial reports for management use
  • Accounting process advisory
  • Internal control system advisory and setup


Audit - Tax - Accounting - VIVA BCS
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