Whether you are  focusing on innovation or sustaining current performance, we remove your obstacles and help you make the best decisions to move forward with confidence through a wide range of practical business advisory services such as licenses, labor regulations, strategic planning, investment, M&A.

Your Increasing Demands:

  • You need a knowledgeable partner to help transform risk and regulatory complexity to business advantage that drives strategy and performance.
  • You need support to better control internal system, stakeholder relations, daily business transaction, business document and record.
  • As a multi-national company, you would appreciate support from local experts to carry out transactions in term of market entry, deal, M&A, investment.
  • You need practical advice for business strategic planning and restructuring to embrace new opportunities, partnership and expansion.
  • You need to identify and handle managerial problems and potential risks at the right time with the right expertise.

Our Solutions:

  • Market Entry, Business Startup Support
  • Internal Labor Regulation
  • Full Package Service for FDI and Representative Office
  • Deal, Investment, M&A
  • Intellectual Property
  • Risk and Compliance Management
  • Business management and strategic planning


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