Legal And Compliance


We help businesses complete all necessary legal obligations and are capable to perform any legal tasks as required. Save corporate cost of operation, ease your mind from risks and keep you on track of core business development.


stages to your successful business in Vietnam

Stage 1. Consultancy about starting a business in Vietnam

  • Business entity types
  • Business industries and conditions
  • Setting up a foreign representative office in Vietnam
  • Setting up a foreign direct investment (FDI) business in Vietnam
  • Transfer, raise capital
  • Organizational structure
  • The rights and responsibilities of shareholders
  • Profit Management
  • Office, real estate leasing and rental
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Taxation
  • Collaboration and partnership
  • Local and foreign employee recruitment and management

Stage 2. Business License Application

  • Dossier preparation, expedite the licensing procedures on your behalf
  • Business license amendment: Change the business name, address, profession, charter capital, legal representative

Stage 3. Operational and compliance Management.

  • Financial and tax reporting
  • Internal audit and compliance reporting system
  • Labour law, payroll, regulations
  • Dispute

Stage 4. Extension, Dissolution, M&A

  • Business extension or dissolution
  • Transformation of entities
  • Due Diligence
  • Merge and Acquisition (M&A)
Pricing of Legal and compliance - VIVA BCS
Pricing of Legal and compliance - VIVA BCS
Pricing of Legal and compliance - VIVA BCS
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