Exclusive Incentives For Business In Software Activities

Conditions for Tax Incentives on Software industry activities

Exclusive Incentives For Business In Software Activities

Conditions for Tax Incentives on Software industry activities

Conditions for Tax Incentives on Software industry activities

Software product means software, and accompanying documents which are produced and displayed or stored in objects of any form and can be purchased, sold or transferred to other subjects for exploitation or use. Software industry activities are activities of designing, manufacturing, and supplying software products and services, including manufacturing packaged software, manufacturing software under orders or embedded software; processing software, and providing software services.


  • System softwares
  • Application softwares
  • Utility softwares
  • Tool softwares
  • Other softwares


  • Administration, warranty and maintenance of operations of software and information systems
  • Software quality counseling, assessment, and evaluation
  • Software project counseling and formulation
  • Software valuation counseling
  • Software technology transfer
  • System integration
  • Assurance of safety and security for software products and information systems
  • Distribution and supply of software products
  • Other software services


  • Applied Incentive tax rate of 10% within 15 years for new investment projects.
  • Tax exemption for 4 years, reduction of 50% of tax payable for the next 9 years for Income of enterprise from performing new investment projects
  • Software activities are not subjects to VAT obligations.


  • Lawful establishment with the Enterprise registration certificate and Investment registration certificate.
  • Perform the software activities as specified
  • Fully complied with the tax and accounting laws and regulations in Vietnam.


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