Manage the mandatory compliance procedures for doing business in Vietnam

Doing business in Vietnam: Manage compliance procedures

Manage the mandatory compliance procedures for doing business in Vietnam

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2021)
Doing business in Vietnam: Manage compliance procedures

Doing business in Vietnam: Manage compliance procedures

VIVA Business Consulting is currently providing doing business in Vietnam consulting services to thousands of clients operating in most industries and countries. Our loyal customers now included multinational companies and local businesss. We directly assist the CEOs and top level managers with daily tasks of a Chief Operation Officer (COO).


Specially for: Local, foreign invested companies and foreign representative offices.

  • Compliance Procedure Management: Designing and monitoring compliance objectives; Directly preparing records and executing; Reviewing, preventing and dealing with risks; Updating, analyzing and completing to optimally apply the local regulations that affect the business operations.
  • Data and Reporting System Management: Compliance Reporting System; Internal Management Reporting System; Internal Auditing; Making statistics, analyses, management accounting; Periodically preparing management letters on related issues for the board of directors.
  • Internal Control: Developing organizational charts, work processes, job descriptions, form systems, operation and control mechanisms and internal management.
  • Administrative and Office Management: Managing the workplace and assets, Archiving records – information, business forms, translation, etc.
  • Employment Management Procedures: Managing labor relations in accordance with local regulations, internal labor regulations, employees profile, compensation regulations, performance evaluation systems, training and recruitment.
  • Counseling on handling of internal and external business issues related to contracts, liabilities, inventories, wages & labor, production costs, reports, statistics and data analysis, investment, internal control, etc.


Specially for: Local, foreign invested companies and foreign representative offices.

Typical business certificates and licenses

  • Enterprise registration certificates.
  • Investment registration certificates.
  • Business license (Trading license).
  • Branch, representative office, business location and warehouse registration certificates.
  • Other permits and licenses for conditional business.

Relevant important records which should be properly managed

  • Personal profiles of investors, capital contribution, executive management regulations among shareholders.
  • Records of business registration.
  • Records and compliance procedures after establishment and granting the licenses.
  • Records of revised – updated and adjusted the licenses.


Specially for:  Foreign representative offices, expatriates.

Manage employment procedures

  • Employee profiles, Labor contracts, Payroll.
  • Compulsory insurances.
  • Internal labor regulations.
  • Monthly, quarterly, annually compliance reports.

Tax Compliance Services

  • Monthly and quarterly tax reports to the authorities.
  • Preparation of personal income tax declarations, tax finalization, tax completion certificates.
  • Preparation of cashbooks and related records for tax inspection.

Services for foreigners

  • Employee profile and labor relations.
  • Work Permits.
  • Temporary Residence Cards.
  • Visa.
  • Personal income tax.

Consultancy services and other procedures

  • Registration, amendment, supplementation of business licenses/office permits.
  • Dissolution of enterprises, branches and representative offices.
  • Renewal, dissolution of enterprises, representative offices.
  • Change of head of representative office.
  • Annually operation report.
  • Protection of intellectual property rights. 


Specially for:  Local, foreign invested companies and foreign representative offices.

  • International and Domestic Investment.
  • Deal, Investment, M&A.
  • Tax – Accounting.
  • Payroll.
  • Business Licenses, Administration.
  • Daily Regulatory Affairs.
  • Preparation of drafts and review of documents, contracts, minutes, agreements, business decisions, etc. in English and Vietnamese.
  • Consular & legalization for documents from overseas.
  • Translation services for English, French, Japanese, Korean, etc. Public notarization and duly copies.
  • Business and management of forms.



  • VIVA is a business consulting company, specializes in business compliance procedures according to local business laws and regulations since 2006. VIVA has been continuously trusted by thousands of well-known clients since 2006.
  • The insights and consistent backgrounds in Business Laws - Accounting and Corporate Finance - Tax Management – Labor Relations and Payroll - Secretarial services help us build trust and confidence in the entrepreneurs’ community.
  • We have been successfully providing service for thousands of leading companies from Hong Kong, Japan, US, EU, Singapore, India, China, Korea…. in forms of FDI companies, Foreign representative offices, Foreigner working in Vietnam, Vietnamese SMEs, Chief Operation Officers.
  • VIVA's logo is our Brand name, our signature, it states our faith - independence - transparence - and loyalty for client's interest. The signature is commitment and honor on our outstanding expertise and professionalism. It is the symbol of good standing for our clients whenever they are doing business with customers, partners, the local competent state agencies...


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