Establish Foreign Representative Office in Vietnam

Establish foreign representative office in Vietnam

Establish Foreign Representative Office in Vietnam

(Last Updated On: March 3, 2021)
Establish foreign representative office in Vietnam

Establish foreign representative office in Vietnam


  • How to prepare required papers and documents – Procedures – Cases and situations shall be anticipated in advance when setting up a foreign representative office in Vietnam.
  • Annually budgeting for establishing – operating – maintaining a foreign representative office in Vietnam.
  • Any query about local laws and regulations, directly consultation with the top experts on the establishment and operation of foreign representative offices in Vietnam.

Establish foreign representative office in Vietnam becomes so simple under services of VIVA. We have been successful establishing for more than 1000 offices that are in completed condition and ready to run for our clients from Japan, Singapore, Hongkong, EU…

Establish  foreign representative office in Vietnam is the optimal option for local customer care, market research, … without having to invest capital or pay corporate income taxes. Establishing  foreign representative office shall be executive by professionals only and usually consist of 04 main steps:

  1. Understand scopes of activities, rights, and obligations, conditions, and procedures for establishing a foreign representative office
  2. Prepare and complete the required conditions, papers, and dossiers
  3. Apply and manage procedures for granting of representative office license
  4. Complete the initial compliance procedures after granting of representative office license.

Beyond standard required procedures by laws, our tailored service will help to identify the risks in advance, prevent the risks happen, optimize establishment, and also operation costs in years ahead.

Besides the full package of establishing a new foreign representative office in Vietnam, we also offer more benefit for clients with free-of-charge consultancy on:

  • Compliance procedures during office operation.
  • Managing compliance procedures for foreigners working in Vietnam (expats).
  • Transform from a representative office into subsidiary.
  • And exclusive advises:
    • Annually budget for maintaining a representative office in Vietnam.
    • Rights and obligations of the chief of representative office.
    • Differences between a representative office and a 100% foreign invested capital.
  • Dissolution of a representative office and risk management.


  • Our top expertises and practice experience since 2006.
  • Knowledge of local culture and resources, professional manner over multinational companies from Europe, US, Japan …
  • Professionally teams who are well trained from the United States, Korea, Australia … fluent in English and business code of conduct.
  • Nationwide partners from auditing, accounting, law, competent state agencies at all levels.
  • Service operation process complied withISO 9001.



  • VIVA is a business consulting company, specializes in business compliance procedures according to local business laws and regulations since 2006. VIVA has been continuously trusted by thousands of well-known clients since 2006.
  • The insights and consistent backgrounds in Business Laws - Accounting and Corporate Finance - Tax Management – Labor Relations and Payroll - Secretarial services help us build trust and confidence in the entrepreneurs’ community.
  • We have been successfully providing service for thousands of leading companies from Hong Kong, Japan, US, EU, Singapore, India, China, Korea…. in forms of FDI companies, Foreign representative offices, Foreigner working in Vietnam, Vietnamese SMEs, Chief Operation Officers.
  • VIVA's logo is our Brand name, our signature, it states our faith - independence - transparence - and loyalty for client's interest. The signature is commitment and honor on our outstanding expertise and professionalism. It is the symbol of good standing for our clients whenever they are doing business with customers, partners, the local competent state agencies...


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