Foreign investors and experts to enter the country during Covid period

Entry procedures for foreign investors

Foreign investors and experts to enter the country during Covid period

(Last Updated On: January 10, 2022)
Entry procedures for foreign investors

Entry procedures for foreign investors


Foreign investors and experts enter Vietnam during the Covid period


According to the Ministry of Health, Vietnam has pursued the ‘dual goals’ of combating disease and ensuring economic growth. Over the past time, Viet Nam has offered favorable regulations for foreign investors and experts to enter the country. 

Enterprises that invite foreigners to work in Vietnam for over 14 days, including diplomats, investors, business executives, experts, and highly skilled employees must conduct three procedures:

  1. Quarantine options: They (enterprises) must first send documents inviting experts to Vietnam to the local competent agencies detailing their suggested quarantine options based on the city’s appraised list of paid quarantine hotels.
  2. Application on grant entry into Vietnam: the department will join hands with the Health Department and relevant agencies to submit the list to the city government for approval.
  3. Application on visa / entry approval letter: based on the approval letter to grant entry into Vietnam, the municipal government will then work with the Vietnam Immigration Department on processing immigration procedures.


Foreigners who are working in Vietnam shall be complied with the local labor laws and regulations to avoid any issues and violations, keep a good standing working history in Vietnam. The required procedures foreign employees in Vietnam shall keep in mind that:

  1. Visa.
  2. Work permit | Labor contracts | Employment records and relations.
  3. Temporary resident card.
  4. Personal income tax.
  5. Compulsory insurances.
  6. Rights and obligations of the Chief of representative office and Legal representatives in Vietnam..
  7. Update and apply new laws and regulations on representative offices and expats.

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We looking for opportunities together with you in supporting foreign investors and experts to enter the country during Covid period.


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