Entry procedures less than 14 days for foreigners


(Last Updated On: July 23, 2021)
Entry procedures less than 14 days for foreigners

Entry procedures less than 14 days for foreigners

There is permitting from Government for foreigners to enter Vietnam to work for a short period, the Ministry of Health has formulated the Guidance on Covid-19 prevention, VIVA would like to update you the detail as follows:


  1. Foreigners who have short-term work visit in Vietnam, including:
    • Investors, experts, skilled-workers, business managers, their families, and other persons under agreement with each specific country ( “foreign experts”);
    • People who enter Vietnam for diplomats or official purposes (“foreign diplomats”).
  1. People who have contact with the experts or diplomats ( “contacts”) during their entry and stay in Vietnam.


  1. 14-day quarantine is not mandatory upon their entry as long as regulations on Covid-19 prevention and control are strictly complied with, and the safety of these experts and diplomats and their contacts are ensured.
  2. Contacts of the experts or diplomats shall monitor their health and promptly inform the authorities and health facilities when having fever, cough, sore throat or difficult breathing.
  3. The lodging of the foreign experts and diplomats shall be conformable with the guidance on Covid-19 quarantine at quarantine facilities or pay-to-stay Covid-19 quarantine at hotels.
  4. The foreign experts and diplomats shall have international health insurance or have the Covid-19 treatment cost paid by the inviting organizations in case of infection. A foreign expert shall arrive 01 day before the working day to complete health monitoring procedures.
  5. The costs of quarantine, transport, Covid-19 testing of foreign experts shall be paid by the inviting organization. These costs shall be exempted for foreign diplomats unless they wish to be quarantined at hotels.
  6. If the foreign expert or diplomat wishes to continue staying in Vietnam to work after 14 days from the date of entry and tests negative for SARS-CoV-2, they may continue working without quarantine.


1. Procedures before entry

  • There shall be a plan for working lodging, transport, and quarantine of the experts to prevent infection of Covid-19 by the experts and their contacts.
  • In case an expert only enters Vietnam to participate in a meeting to conclude contracts or agreements, it is recommended to choose a meeting and lodging place in a bordering province to minimize the expert’s inland travel through multiple provinces, which may cause complications to Covid-19 prevention and control tasks.
  • The foreign experts shall be tested for SARS-CoV-2 by real-time PCR) with a negative result 3-5 days before the date of entry by a laboratory of a competent health authority.


2. Procedures the point of entry

  • Separate the foreign experts from other people.
  • Request the foreign experts to present the SARS-CoV-2 negative result upon arrival.
    Provide instructions, supervise the making of electronic health declaration by foreign experts. Take their temperature; notice suspected cases. Isolate and handle those who have fever, cough, sore throat, difficulty breathing as suspected cases.
  • Request the foreign experts to use the Bluezone application during their stay in Vietnam.
  • Organize the transport of the foreign expert to their lodging in accordance with the regulations.


3. Procedures the lodging

  • The foreign experts shall be provided with separate lodging places (hotels, enterprises’ lodging places, other lodging establishments) arranged by the People’s Committee of the province.
  • Maintain health monitoring and their separation from the community. It is best to arrange a single lodging place for the whole group of foreign experts to facilitate monitoring and management.
  • Prepare a separate room/area at the lodging place for collecting samples from all of the foreign experts for SARS-COV-2 testing. If such a separate sampling room/area sample is not available, samples may be collected at their rooms.
  • All samples shall be tested by RT-PCR techniques. When a foreign expert tests negative for SARS-COV-2, he/she will be allowed to work in the area. Every foreign expert will be tested every 2 days during their stay in Vietnam. In case a foreign expert tests positive for SARS-CoV-2, follow the instructions in the Guidances.
  • Samples shall be collected before a foreign expert leaves Vietnam as the basis for isolating his/her contacts where necessary.


It is recommended to hold meetings at the hotel or lodging place to minimize contact.

1. Before the meeting

  • Compile a list of participants in the meeting including their full names, nationalities, workplace addresses, lodging places, phone numbers, emails.
  • Take body temperature of all participates. It is best to have an automatic thermometer at the entrance.
  • Set up a handwashing station with clean water and soap or hand sanitizer at the meeting room and public area of the meeting place; hand out face masks to the participants.
  • Place signs or notices to instruct and remind participants of Covid-19 prevention and control regulations.
  • The meeting room must be well ventilated and disinfected in accordance with the guidance.
  • Foreign experts shall be arranged by country. Each seat shall have a nameplate.
  • Prepare a backup meeting room for use in case the main room has to be quarantined. The meeting room shall have online meeting devices for use by foreign experts where necessary.
  • Prepare an area for the medical unit at the meeting place.
  • Prepare a quarantine room at the meeting place for quarantining any participant who has fatigue, fever, cough, sore throat or difficulty breathing during the meeting.
  • Instructions on Covid-19 prevention and control in both Vietnamese and English shall be handed out to the participants.
  • Any attendant who has fatigue, fever, cough, sore throat or difficulty breathing must not work at the meeting.


2. During the meeting

  • Transport the foreign experts to the meeting place in accordance with the instructions.
  • Compile a list of all participants, organizers, attendants, journalists who participate in each meeting session or are present in each room to serve contact tracing if necessary.
  • Take body temperature and hand out facemasks to all participants before the meeting begins.
  • Hand out instructions on COVID-19 prevention and control regulations to the participants.
  • Recommend participants to stay in their seats during breaks instead of gathering. Serve drinks to participants at their seats.
  • Recommend participants to stay in their seats while eating. In case of eating in another room, maintain a distance of at least 1m between the participants; the seats shall be arranged alternatively instead of facing each other.
  • Attendants shall wear facemasks and gloves while working. Compile and retain the list of all attendants of the meeting to facilitate contact tracing where necessary.
  • Disinfect the meeting area in accordance with instructions in the Guidances.
  • Organize inspection and supervision of performance of COVID-19 prevention and control tasks at the meeting place.
  • Monitor the health and SARS-CoV-2 test results of the foreign experts.


3. After the meeting

All participants in the meeting, the organizers, and relevant people shall self-monitor their health after the meeting ends. In case any of them is infected with Covid-19 within 14 days after the meeting ends:

  1. Inform the local government and local health authority of the health status of domestic participants and the foreign experts’ contacts.
  2. Inform the inviting organization, which will inform local health authorities for prompt reactions.


4. At the workplace/field

  • Transport the foreign experts to the workplace/field in accordance with instructions.
  • Provide hand sanitizer at convenient places at the workplace/field.
  • Minimize the number of contacts of foreign experts at the workplace/field. Require the foreign experts to wear facemasks throughout their time at the workplace/field.
  • Request the foreign experts’ contacts to wear facemasks, frequently wash their hands with clean water and soap/hand sanitizer. Compile a list of contacts of the foreign experts at the workplace/field to facilitate contact tracing where necessary.
  • Assign health workers to perform health monitoring throughout the foreign exerts’ time at the workplace/field.
  • Prepare a separate bathroom at the workplace/field for the foreign experts.
  • When foreign experts complete their job at the workplace/field, disinfect the workplace/field in accordance with instructions in the Guidances.


5. Transportation

The transport of foreign experts from the point of entry to their lodging and throughout their stay in Vietnam shall be done with dedicated vehicles and satisfy the following requirements:

  1. The driver and foreign expert wear facemasks throughout the trip.
  2. Hand sanitizer is provided near the vehicle doors for use before entering the vehicle and during the trip.
  3. The vehicle is disinfected in accordance with instructions in the Guidances.

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