Business operation in Vietnam: The mandatory compliance procedures


(Last Updated On: July 5, 2021)
Business operation in Vietnam: The mandatory compliance procedures

Business operation in Vietnam: The mandatory compliance procedures

At any business level, you shall always comply with the mandatory compliance procedures according to local laws and regulations. Many companies have been paying for the similar expensive lessons due to violations with the procedures.

With ¼ of the budget to maintain a permanent staff, we can manage and keep your good standing in Vietnam in a lawful and optimal manner.


General consultancy

  • Business information system
  • Business records and folders system
  • Labor rules and regulations
  • Payroll and compulsory payment in relate to salary and wage
  • Tax reports and manage tax expenses
  • Accounting and financial statements
  • Management accounting
  • Internal audit
  • Independent audit

Chief of Operation Officer service

  • Daily hand in hand for any query and requirement from business operations… We have plenty of practical solutions for most of your actual business cases, and you shall not pay for any lesson.
  • Provide business forms and office tools.
  • Update and apply for any new regulations.
  • Official representative to follow up and settle any query from competent authorities.

Tax management and accounting

  • Prepare papers and dossiers for initial tax declaration: Accounting system, add value tax method, VAT invoice…
  • Manage all the targets and compliance procedures: Registration, declaration, settlement, explanation…
  • Prepare monthly, quarterly tax reports and submit before the deadlines: License tax, VAT, CIT, PIT, withholding tax, capital invested tax…
  • Setting up optimal structure of revenue and lawful expenses to optimize CIT, VAT, PIT the payable amount.
  • Prepare lawful accounting books and financial statements. Support for annual independent audit confirmation.
  • Perform monthly, quarterly and annually internal audits for the proper business records, the true and fair of financial statements and compliance reports.
  • Verify potential risks and exists with correction solutions and prepare a management letter to the BOD.

Employment relation and Payrolls service

  • Preparing papers and dossiers for initial labor declaration.
  • Setting up internal labor regulations, labor agreement, wages and salary policy…
  • Recruitment procedures: Principles, recruit notice, employee background…
  • Setting up labor relationship: Labor contract, labor declaration, PIT declaration SI & HI declaration…
  • Entering and implementing a labor relationship: Attendance, payroll, performance…
  • Terminating a labor relationship: End the contracts, dismissals, liquidation…
  • Discipline and settle any dispute: Warning, collecting technical evidence, lawsuit cases…
  • Any compliance tasks for expat who are working in Vietnam: Work permit, temporary resident card, personal income tax declaration and settlement…

Supporting on independent audit and business records management

  1. Independent audit service on financial statements according to the Dispatch No. 117/2012/NĐ-CP dated 13/3/2012 of the Ministry of Finance, the FDI companies must have their annual financial statements audited.
  2. Internal audit service.
  3. Business records management procedures, other secretary services for business administration:
    • List of business compliance records.
    • Compliance standards of each record to the local regulations.
    • Create – Collect – Store the records.
    • Scan into soft copies.
    • Internal audit – corrective actions.

We ensure your confident with our standard operation processes and regularly maintain a group of at least 05 expertises, who are always ready and stable, including:

  • Business Laws.
  • Employment relations.
  • Tax management.
  • Accounting and finance.
  • Corporate Secretarial services.

We aim to not only fully manage, optimize compliance procedures according to local laws and regulations, but also continuously offer outstanding solutions to help create added value and inspire our clients

We are a business consulting firm who have been continuously trusted by thousands of reputation clients since 2006. We are dedicated to creating added value for clients by offering exclusive and tailored services related to market entry and business compliances, keep their good standing in optimal manners whenever they are doing business in Vietnam.

We wish to serve your business operation in Vietnam successfully as our other thousand loyal clients. We are looking forward to receiving your consideration and acceptance.

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