How To Dissolve Foreign Representative Office in Vietnam?

Dissolve Foreign Representative Office

How To Dissolve Foreign Representative Office in Vietnam?

(Last Updated On: May 27, 2021)
Dissolve Foreign Representative Office

Dissolve Foreign Representative Office


  • How to prepare required papers and documents – Procedures – Cases and situations shall be anticipated in advance when dissolution of a foreign representative office in Vietnam.
  • How to estimate budget for dissolution of a foreign representative office in Vietnam.
  • Potential risks shall be identified and managed in advance when dissolution of a foreign representative office in Vietnam.
  • Any query about local laws and regulations, directly consult with the top experts on the establishment and operation of foreign representative offices in Vietnam.


Dissolution of a foreign representative office in Vietnam becomes so simple under services of VIVA.

Basically, the dissolution procedure will go through 03 stages:

  1. Carrying out legal procedures for official announcement of dissolution to the competent state agencies to terminate any further obligations may arise from the date of dissolution.
  2. Collecting, reviewing, and completing the required business records according to current laws and regulations, ready to provide to the Tax, Labor…departments, clearing any payment obligations to the third parties, especially procedures for liquidation of labor contracts, completion of obligations to state agencies such as Tax, Insurance …
  3. After granting certifications of debt obligations completion with third parties, the office will close the bank account, return the license, and return the seal.

Dissolve foreign representative office in Vietnam is a technical job that should be dedicated for professionals only because every step and every procedure involved not only must comply with local laws and regulations, but the person who performs the procedure must also understand systematic practices and situations, tailored- circumstances solution and meet expectations of both the parent company and the local competent state agencies in Vietnam.

Having been providing service for foreign representative offices in Vietnam since 2006, VIVA is proud to be the top consultant for foreign representative offices in Vietnam, we manage and take full responsibility for all compliance procedures to dissolve a foreign representative office in Vietnam, with a tailored and optimally manner, with fixed budget, fixed results, fixed timelines.

When dissolve foreign representative office in Vietnam, VIVA also provides free of charge procedures to transfer all assets and employees from the representative office to its subsidiary company and many special offers for clients who register to experience our service of dissolution in April 2020: free working permit for expat, 03 years free of office license amendment…



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