How to buy a company in Vietnam


(Last Updated On: March 16, 2022)
How to buy a company in Vietnam

How to buy a company in Vietnam


Company values consist of tangible and intangible assets, other rights and obligations. Buy a company not only relations between the business men but there are legal requirement and procedures. How to manage the buying procedures?

KYC and due diligence procedures

  1. Do the due diligence procedures for the parties and provide official reports on legal status, financial ability, debt obligation, asset and property, involving transactions that may impact to the transferring process
  2. Review the transferring process under every transaction. Set up the relations between the transactions legally and optimally
  3. Collect lawful business records, identify and remove the existing and prevent potential risk in advance

Draft for the MOU and contracts

  1. Verify the proper and lawful position of the parties, scope of transactions
  2. Verify the properness and lawfulness of transactions
  3. Verify the rights and obligations of the parties
  4. Verify for the potential risks and legal bases for the following procedures
  5. Prepare official MOU, contracts, schedule of implementation and payment. Guarantee for the lawfulness and fairness of every document, protect for the interests of the customer and prevent potential risks

Manage procedures of transferring

  1. Deposit payment
  2. Sign official transferring contract
  3. Portions of payment
  4. Hand over the factory
  5. Transfer the ERC, IRC and register for branch license/ subsidiary company
  6. Final payment
  7. Collect legal business records for tax refund and business management


  1. From representative office to subsidiary
  2. Between forms: One-member Limited liability company – More members Limited liability company – Joint stock company – Incorporated partnership


  1. From individual investors to individual investors
  2. From individual investors to entity investors
  3. From entity investors to individual investors
  4. From local investors to foreign investors or vice versa



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