Company in Vietnam using local consulting services


(Last Updated On: February 24, 2022)
Company in Vietnam using local consulting services

Company in Vietnam using local consulting services

VIVA Business Consulting is providing exclusive service for entrepreneurs, enhance clients in fully complying with local laws and regulations, improve internal management environment, keep their good standing in Vietnam, create more and more business advantages. The scopes of service inclusive without limit in:

  • Company registration
  • Capital investment and capital accounts
  • Tax planning – tax administration
  • Employment relations
  • Accounting and audited financial statement
  • Business transactions by local laws and regulations
  • Registration of loans abroad. Remit profits from Vietnam
  • Register branches or offices, amend business registration certificates
  • Foreigner employees and required procedures
  • Rights and obligations of investors and legal representatives
  • Business records management by local laws
  • Manage questions or requirements from local competent state agencies.

We deliver service via email, telephone, on-site meeting…  with our expert who are practice lawyers, auditors, state officers, professors… We promise to offer outstanding solutions and resources for any of your business demands.

We also support you in connecting and managing any procedures at local competent state agencies or at the Ministry of Investment and Planning, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Finance, the Courts…

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  • VIVA is a business consulting company, specializes in business compliance procedures according to local business laws and regulations since 2006. VIVA has been continuously trusted by thousands of well-known clients since 2006.
  • The insights and consistent backgrounds in Business Laws – Accounting and Corporate Finance – Tax Management – Labor Relations and Payroll – Secretarial services help us build trust and confidence in the entrepreneurs’s community.
  • We have been successfully providing service for thousands of leading companies from Hong Kong, Japan, US, EU, Singapore, India, China, Korea…. in forms of FDI companies, Foreign representative offices, Foreigner working in Vietnam, Vietnamese SMEs, Chief Operation Officers.

Motivated by our core values of ceaseless improvement, our great insights in local business culture and regulations, as well as the exclusive services, promise to offer you one-stop and tailored-made solutions that optimize every of your business in Vietnam in the lawful manner.

We are looking to be your valued business partner and resources in Vietnam as we have been choosing since 2006.


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